Here are some great ideas for reading.
Please enjoy doing these with your family.

1 Read a bedtime story to your family.
2 Read through this year’s holiday cards.
Choose your favorite inside verse to read.
3 Read the lyrics to your favorite song.
4 Read the weather report.
5 Read the directions for a game you play with your family. Have
you been playing correctly?
6 Locate books to read about animals in winter.
7 Read a book of poetry and serve hot chocolate.
8 Read the Sunday comics. Talk about your favorite one with your
9 Invite family members to bring a book to the dinner table and read a favorite section.
10 Make today a “No TV Day.” Read a book to your family instead.
11 Select a favorite childhood story you have read to your child.
Invite your child to read it to you.
12 Have a recorded book for children to hear as they take their bath or shower.
13 Read all the sweatshirts and T-shirts in your closet.
14 Set up a camp in your family room and read by flashlight.
15 Read the sports section of the newspaper. Find the stats for your
favorite team.
16 Locate and read Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream speech.
17 Take a night off from TV and computers to read.
18 Interview yourparents about a book they enjoyed reading at
your age.
19 Make a bookmark to use while you read a book.
20 Read the directions to make hot chocolate. Make and enjoy some
with a friend.
21 Think spring! Read about plants that can be started indoors to use for spring planting.
22 Read a recipe from a cookbook and make a snack.
23 Read to your pet or a stuffed animal.
24 Read the labels of five products in your refrigerator.
25 Stay up 15 extra minutes reading a book in bed.
26 Read the TV guide to find the time and day of your favorite show.
27 Hold a reading relay where everyone reads part of a story.
28 If you were on a deserted island, what one book would you want? Tell someone why.
29 Choose a favorite author. Read one of his/her books.
30 Read directions to make a craft and then complete the craft as a
31 Locate and read online information about a holiday you like.