November Homewok

Read your books in your reading baggie every night.
Using a calendar at home
read the new month. Spell it. Find the year.
Count all the days in November. How many are there?
Have a grown-up read a book to you.
Who was the author of this book? Who was the illustrator? What does each of them do?
Write your name 5x’s
the Kindergarten way. The first letter is uppercase and all of the other letters are lowercase.
Tell your parents one thing that you did at school today.
Draw a picture of your favorite time in kindergarten. Tell why it is your favorite.
Make a pattern using spoons and forks from your kitchen.
Act out that pattern using movements (clap, snap, clap, snap, etc.)
Practice tying your shoes tonight. If you already know how, congratulations!!
Say 2 words that rhyme with each of the following: cat, hot, pen, star, fun.
Write the words.
Read your book from your reading folder. Write down 5 words that you know. Such as see, me, the, look, or said.
Have a grown-up read your new library book to you.
Who are the characters in your book?
Go on a shape hunt in your house.
Draw a picture of an item that is a circle square rectangle and triangle.
 Give someone you love a hug.
Draw a picture of something you are thankful for and write a sentence to tell why.
 Read the days of the week. What is the same about each name?
Write the little word that is found in each.
Read your reading books from your book baggie. Retell a story in your own words.
Count all the tables in your house. What shapes are they? Find other things in your house that are this same shape.
Count 20 objects in your kitchen. Such as pasta, fruit loops ect. Make a set of 8, and then make a set that is more, less, the same.
Write a word that ends with the following sounds n, t, and g
Draw a picture for each word.
No school –
No school –
No school –
Name__________________________________________Choose any 13 ideas for homework.