Chaperone Agreement

Dear Parent or Guardian:
Thank you for your interest in chaperoning a DCES field trip. You have been selected to be a chaperone for your child’s field trip. This is a very important job! You will help us to ensure the safety of all of our students.  Please read the agreement below and sign that you understand and will abide by these expectations. With your help and cooperation we know that this field trip will be a fun and safe learning experience for our students. 
I am willing to be a chaperone for the trip to ___________________________ scheduled for _________________________________.
  1. I agree to actively monitor and supervise all of the students in my assigned group. I will ensure that they are following the pillars of character to include: Trustworthiness, Respect, Fairness, Responsibility, Citizenship and Caring.   I will use these words with students who may need a reminder about appropriate behavior.
  2. I agree to ride the bus to and from the field trip. Chaperones may not drive their own vehicle to the trip and/or meet the group at the trip.
  3. I agree to have my cell phone with me, if I have one, and will give this number to the teacher in case of emergency. My cell phone will be used only in an emergency while on the field trip and will be set on vibrate.
  4. I will stay in the assigned area for the field trip. 
  5. I will not buy additional items during the trip for my child or others. All snacks and lunches should be brought from home unless otherwise arranged by the school.
  6. I will meet at the assigned times. 
  7. I understand that I cannot invite others (including siblings or non school-aged children) to accompany me on this trip. 
  8. I will not use tobacco or alcohol while on this trip.
  9. If an emergency happens on the day of the field trip and I cannot attend, I will call the front office in the morning. The number is 240-236-5900. 
Please return the bottom portion of this agreement to your child’s teacher. 
I understand my expectations as a chaperone. I understand all of the statements above and will abide by them. 
Your Signature:                                    Child’s Name ______________________
Cell Phone # (if applicable) that I am bringing on the trip: