Policies and Procedures


*Always bring your instrument, folder, music books, sheet music, music stand and a pencil to every lesson.  If there is a partial day (2-hour delay, early dismissal, etc) or a field trip on your instrument lesson day, you should still bring your instrument!  We will have instrument classes, no matter how short the day might be.
*Always check the instrumental music schedule carefully. Be on time, in the proper place and ready to play. You might have days when you go to Specials, then Band and then to lunch.  Plan your day!
*Pay attention to details in your instrument class. With only one lesson a week, every detail and every minute counts!!
*Respect personal and school property.  Never touch or play someone else’s instrument!
*NO GUM OR CANDY WHILE PLAYING YOUR INSTRUMENT!!!   Sugar in your mouth can cause damage to the metal and other parts of your instrument.
*Practice an average of 20 minutes every day. Write your practice time on your Practice Chart daily. We will check these practice charts in class every week.   Instrument classes and ensemble rehearsals at school do not count as practice time on your practice chart! PRACTICE TIME = you working on the skills and music AT HOME!
*Any student with an incomplete practice chart four weeks in a row will be asked to return to their regular classroom. Parents will also be notified!  You must show that you care and are actively practicing your instrument.  A completed practice chart shows the teachers and parents that you care and are serious about improving on your instrument.
*If you forget your instrument, come to the lesson anyway and bring a pencil.  If you forget your instrument 2 times in one grading term, there will be a call home to your parents!
*If you believe your instrument is broken, bring it to Mr. Racster or Mr. Hinkley.  If you are told to take it to a repair shop, ask for a “Loaner” instrument to use while yours is being fixed. Bring a note from home if the repair shop cannot provide a “Loaner”.

*Music books or folders should never be kept in your case unless the case is made for carrying them. Books and folders can actually damage the instrument!
*Always take your instrument home at night! School insurance does not cover instrument loss or damage.
*Be quiet in the halls on your way to and from class. Students who are disruptive will be sent back to their classroom.
*Please make every attempt to go to the bathroom BEFORE your lesson.  Try to avoid asking to go to the restroom during class. Remember, we only have one lesson a week and every minute counts!
*You are responsible for making up any schoolwork you miss while in Instrumental Music.  If you are not keeping up with your schoolwork, your teacher has the right to keep you in class during instrumental music.