Third grade students will have approximately 30 minutes of homework Monday-Thursday.


Math Homework

Students are expected to do assigned workbook pages Monday and Tuesday nights. On Wednesdays, TenMarks online homework will be given; it is due on Friday. In addition to evening math homework, students should also practice their multiplication and division facts. Mastery of these facts should be evident by the end of third grade year. Math fact fluency assessments will be given throughout the school year.
Some students will be using DreamBox in place of TenMarks--these students know who they are.

Language Arts Homework

We're keeping it simple this year. Students are expected to read for at least 15 minutes each night on a book of their choice. Fluency Folders have also be given to those who show need for fluency improvement. Nothing needs to be recorded or signed; we trust that you know that the more a child reads, the better he or she reads!