DCES Website Scavenger Hunt
Here is a challenge for students and parents to complete. See if you can find all the items below on the Deer Crossing website. If you can find all the items and complete the form, the student will earn 2 prizes from the prize bucket. 
Good luck and happy searching!
In the News & Events, there is a flyer for Snow Emergency Closing. If school is already in session, what time will a decision be made by? ________________________________________________________________________
What classes goes to the media center on Thursdays? ________________________________________________________________________
Under Parents & Students, what are the six categories can you click on next to PTA?_________________________________________________________________________
Under Parents & Students, what page are the Recess Rules located in the Student Handbook? ______________________________________________________________________________
Under Staff, there is a listing of the Specialists at DCES. List at least four of the specialists here at DCES ______________________________________________________________________
Under Staff, look for your teacher. On your teacher’s webpage, what field trips does your teacher have listed? _____________________________________________________________
Under About DCES, in the principal’s message, how many students does she say attend DCES? _____________________________________________________________________________
Under About DCES, what is the first question listed under FAQs? _____________________________________________________________________________
Under News & Events, you can get information about the New Market weather that comes from our weather station. What is the highest and lowest temperature for today? ____________________________________________________________________________

Here are some great ideas/activities to do at home!
Reading month--visit this site for fun games and activities!


Great Ideas
Improve Hand Skills:
improving wrist stabilization
developing hand arches
improving strength of hand muscles
ACTIVITIES – To improve hand skills:
Donkey Kick – shift weight
Write in vertical at eye level with writing tool
Work in vertical to do small manipulatives; lacing eye hooks, peg board, lite brite, magna doodle, coloring, painting, manipulating putty.
Rolling pin to flatten therapy putty, play dough
ACTIVITIES – To improve hand arches:
Pinch small objects
Scrunch paper towel or newspaper under palm
Press round shaped object or toy into palm
Press open clothes pins
Find pennies hidden in therapy putty
Spider in the mirror game
up hands to roll dice
Turn over a row of pennies
Cut therapy putty or play dough with a plastic knife or small scissors
Pinch Ziploc bag to close
ACTIVITIES – To improve separation of parts of the hand:
Squeeze trigger of ‘spray bottle’ to squirt water to clean off target on blackboard
Roll therapy putty between thumb and index finger or thumb to index and middle fingers
Snap fingers
‘Squirrel' objects into palm of hand using only finger movements (use pennies,
paper clips, small dice or tiny lite brite pegs
Play finger pattern games where child is instructed to lift/separate/bend /straighten fingers; Start by having child place both his hands on table to motor plan movements by moving finger in space.
Precision skills of intrinsics: (tiny muscles within the hand)
ACTIVITIES – To improve small muscles of the hand:
Oppose thumb with each finger tip
Tug of war with fingers using coffee stirrer and/or tongue depressor
Place pennies into small slot such as a piggy bank
Hold and pinch therapy putty or play dough
Wrap a rubber band or therapy putty around child’s flexed fingers; as he/she
straightens out fingers, spread fingers apart against resistance
Hold a flat book or tray from underneath on extended fingers; Balance
on top
Wring out small sponges
Wrap a rubber band or therapy putty around child’s flexed fingers; as he/she
straightens out fingers, spread fingers apart against resistance
Hold a flat book or tray from underneath on extended fingers; Balance  
on top
Wring out small sponges
ACTIVITIES – To improve individual finger use or isolation skills:
Lace through eye loop design board
Insert pegs into peg board placed in vertical
Sting beads
‘Feed’ or withdraw pipe cleaner, coffee stirrers, plastic lace into snug opening
cardboard or leather
Line up dominoes on their long, narrow side – Gently tap first one to see if all fall in
Pick up fragile items with fingers/tweezers: cornflakes, mini-marshmallows,
   bits of
foam, without breaking or denting them
Play pick up sticks using fingers or a magnet
Drop specific number of droplets of water from an eye dropper
(without vision):
Weighted cuff, weighted vests
Heavy work – pick up heavy objects
Deep rubbing
Follow a path on top of a card, by using a magnet under the card to direct and
move the marble on top through a maze
Stack poker chips; build a tower at midline without looking. Pile like colors to
and some other color on left of midline. See if child can build a
     ‘striped’ tower
without vision.
Flippits – First with vision to judge distance of containers, then close eyes and
     try to
gauge distance
Draw a vertical line at midline, on board. See if child is able to simultaneously
a writing tool in each hand and make a series of straight, convex and
     concave lines
from midline in an upward and outward pattern (Emphasize,
     rhythm, speed, and