Fifth Grade Brochure

*Please make sure your child dresses appropriately for recess.
*It would be helpful for you to put money on your child’s lunch account so lunch money doesn’t get lost.
*Refer to the front section of the DCES planner for school policies and regulations.



Language Arts
Reading Instruction
*Reading instruction includes applying the reading strategies in all genres of literature.
*Reading comprehension will be assessed using a variety of methods (verbal and written responses, and objective quizzes)
*Our main focus of the reading program is reading for enjoyment. Our library and the public library are full of wonderful books. So please encourage your child to read for fun at home too!
 Language Arts
A balance of Informational and Literary text
Increase in the complexity of text
Focused attention on listening and speaking
Writing from sources
Building academic vocabulary
Building reader stamina and rigor

                       Major Math Units
Measurement and Data (MD)
Geometry (G)
Operations and Algebraic Thinking (OA)
Numbers and Operations Base Ten (NBT)
Numbers and Operations Fractions (NF)