In third grade, we do many kinds of problem solving. Although the answer is important, how the students apply efficient strategies to solve the problem is equally important. Third graders are encouraged to share their thinking with their classmates and teacher orally and in written form.

Math in third grade has become more rigorous with the adoption of the Common Core Standards. Students are expected to be fluent in addition and subtraction facts when they enter third grade. Multiplication and division facts should be mastered by the end of this school year.

Students will be introduced to the facts in class, but lots of practice at home is required in order for third graders to become fluent with these facts. is a wonderful site that is colorful and fun--perfect for practicing and learning the facts!

This is the order students will be asigned their facts:

 x0, x1, x2, x5, x10, x4, x3, x6, x8, x9, x7