Homework and Bonus Work

As per Frederick County Regulation, Kindergarten is not required to give homework.  However, beginning in September we will be sending home a homework calendar or you will be emailed letting you know a new homework sheet has been posted at this web site with suggested activities for your child.  This is not mandatory. 

Book Baggies are so important! Parents you will see book baggies coming home with your child.  Please remember to read the book with your child every night and to send it back to school every day!  We have a limited number of books to share amoung the Kindergarten team! 

Go Math books are supplies that the county has purchased to support the curriculmn.  Not all the pages are needed in each unit/book.  Please feel free to use those pages as support or bonus work at home.

Bonus Work
The extra papers that sometime come home in the folder are called bonus work.   They are just extra papers that I have and rather than throw them away I ask the children if anyone would like them.  Students have the option to do the work whenever they like, keep the papers to use when they are playing school, or save them for a rainy day.  If your student chooses to do the papers and wants to show me the work I will give them a smiley face.  The papers are not graded, I  just did not want to throw them away.  I hope that this clears up any confussion.  As always feel free to contact me at any time with any ?'s or concerns you may have. 
If you would like to do extra work I have listed homework calendars for each month below.  Feel free to print off one and do the activites that are listed.