Spelling Homework

Spelling Homework!


Spelling homework is assigned Monday through Thursday. In the case of a four day week we will still have spelling homework!
All spelling homework guidelines can be found at the beginning pages of your child's spelling notebook. The guidelines feature step by step directions on how to set up the spelling notebook each night and specific guidelines on what is expected when completing spelling homework.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday:


our child is expected to choose and complete a spelling activity from the Spelling Menu found in the front of thier spelling notebook. A different activity should be completed each night.
Please feel free to create and complete your own spelling activities- ideas in the past have included ...
practice spelling outside with sidewalk chalk
playing Hang Man
creating and completing a crossword puzzle or word search using your spelling words
using Alphabits cereal to spell words
finger painting spelling words
I am open to any idea as long as you explain to me what you did in your spelling notebook! Have fun!

: Students will complete a practice test- I will hand out a Practice Test worksheet which should be used to complete this assignment.

Feel free to work ahead on your spelling homework especially during busy weeks when extracurricular activities seem to be taking over your evenings! Just keep in mind that 3 spelling menu activities should be completed during the week and that Thursday night must be a practice test!