Website Scavenger Hunt

DCES Website Scavenger Hunt
Here is a challenge for parents to complete.
Good luck and happy searching!
In the News & Events, there is a flyer for Snow Emergency Closing. If school is already in session, what time will a decision be made by? ________________________________________________________________________
What classes goes to the media center on Wednesday?
Under Parents & Students, what are the six categories can you click on next to PTA?_________________________________________________________________________
Under Parents & Students, what page are the Recess Rules located in the Student Handbook? ______________________________________________________________________________
Under Staff, there is a listing of the Specialists at DCES. List at least four of the specialists here at DCES ______________________________________________________________________
Under Staff, look for your teacher. On your teacher’s webpage, what field trips does your teacher have listed? _____________________________________________________________
Under About DCES, in the principal’s message, how many students does she say attend DCES? _____________________________________________________________________________
Under About DCES, what is the first question listed under FAQs?
Under News & Events, you can get information about the New Market weather that comes from our weather station. What is the highest and lowest temperature for today?