Literacy Adventures at Home

Literacy Adventures at Home
Here are some literacy activities to enjoy with your child at home. 
·        Let your child talk on the phone with a grandparent or relative.
·        Identify sounds you hear as you walk down the street or in the woods.
·        Play Simon Says.
·        Role play with your child.
·        Look at family photos and share stories about when your child was little.
·        Listen to the night sounds together.
·        Make up silly rhymes using your child’s name – chilly billy!
·        Read nursery rhymes to repeat them throughout the day.
·        Make up new stories together about characters from familiar books.
·        Read the packages in the grocery store.
·        Read the familiar signs in the neighborhood (STOP, McDonalds, WalMart)
·        Listen to a book on tape with your child.
·        Take a trip to the library.
·        Create a reading routine.
·        Make a picture book together using magazine pictures or photographs.
·        Look at the grocery ads together.
·        Draw/write with chalk on the sidewalk.
·        Write thank you notes together.
·        Roll out play dough and make snakes or letters.
·        Build words with magnetic letters on the refrigerator.
·        Make alphabet pretzels.
·        Draw in pudding on a cookie sheet.
·        Create a space for writing. Include things such as paper, crayons, and stickers.
·        Let your child make their personal mark on a birthday card.
Have fun and enjoy!