Science Activites

Science Adventures at Home
  Here are some science activities
to enjoy with your child at home
·        Identify sounds you hear as you walk down the street or in the woods.
·        Make Kool-Aid.
·        Spread out a blanket and look at the night sky.   Talk about what you see.
·        Use a flashlight to make shadows.
·        Plant a garden together.
·        Role play with your child.
·        Take a trip to the planetarium.    Earth, Space, Science Lab
210 Madison St.
Frederick, MD 21701
·        Play Simon Says by naming and pointing to body parts.
·        Go grocery shopping together.    Sort items in your cart by food group.
·        Draw/write on the sidewalk with water and a paintbrush.  Observe what happens.
·        Provide materials for water exploration.   Include such things as measuring cups, funnels and pitchers.
·        Make binoculars using 2 empty toilet paper rolls. Take your binoculars on a nature walk.
·        Go on a texture hunt.    Find objects that are soft, smooth, rough and bumpy.
·        Start a rock collection.   Talk about how the rocks are alike and different.
·        Talk about the weather.
·        Fly a kite together.
·        Create your own “feely book”.  Use things such as sandpaper, aluminum foil, and cotton.
·        Go on a bug hunt.
·        Go outside and make “mud” together.
·        Take a walk after it rains.
·        Make a “living things” collage.   Cut out pictures of plants and animals.
·        Catch fireflies at night with your child.
·        Sing together. “Old MacDonald had a Farm” and “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”
·        Have your child help you water household plants.
Have fun and enjoy your time together!