Celebrating Dr Seuss

To help us celebrate Dr Seuss's birthday and practice with synonyms.  Fourth grade families took the challenge of rewriting classic Dr Seuss titles.  Can you guess the real titles of these favorites?

  • His Majesty's Wooden Risers
  • The Ocular Diary
  • The Oleo War Literary Work
  • Emerald Ova with Hog Thigh
  • Jump on Daddy
  • Guesses in Groups
  • The Paw Story
  • Joyful Celebration Infant
  • Gee, The Towns You'll Travel To!
  • Feline in the Headpiece
  • Singular Cold-Bloded Aquatic Vertebrate, Cold-Blooded Aquatic Vertebrate Duo, Vermilion Cold - Blooded Aquatic Vertebrate, Cobalt Cold-Blooded Aquatic Vertebrate