Mission and Vision

Deer Crossing Elementary School
Mission Statement
Deer Crossing Elementary School is committed to developing the skills, character and potential of all students by providing the
highest quality educational experience.
School Vision
At Deer Crossing Elementary School all students learn in a safe, positive and enriching environment that encourages critical thinking, fosters self-motivation, effectively utilizes technology and strengthens interpersonal skills. 
  • We recognize the value of a strong partnership with parents and families and are committed to ongoing two-way communication in order to establish and maintain a positive school culture.  
  • The staff works cooperatively and collaboratively to create a community of learners that values diversity by effectively working together to provide a supportive and challenging learning environment.
  • Instruction is differentiated to meet the needs of all learners.  Students will receive consistent feedback from teachers in order to improve.
  • Teachers are committed to developing students’ skills, character and potential by maintaining high expectations for themselves and their students.  They are always striving to increase their instructional effectiveness through reflection and professional growth opportunities. 
  • Students think independently in order to apply their knowledge to solve problems, think critically and persevere in the face of challenge.  They set personal goals, accept constructive feedback and adapt to expectations.