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Amy Edwards, Registered Nurse
Jessica Thornton, Health Room Technician

Immunization Requirements

What vaccinations are mandated?
Under Maryland law, students enrolled in preschool programs through fifth grade school year will need to provide schools documentation of immunizations against Hepatitis B, chickenpox, also called Varicella, DPT, polio, and MMR. For preschool children, Hib and Prevnar are required for those children younger than 60 months of age in addition to those immunizations previously mentioned.
What will happen if my child is not vaccinated?
Children who have not been vaccinated according to Maryland regulations will not be able to attend school – this means your child will be excluded from school until these vaccinations are received.
Where can I get my child vaccinated?
Contact your child’s healthcare provider today to schedule an appointment. If you child does not have insurance or your insurance does not cover the cost of vaccinations contact the Frederick County Health
Department Immunization Program at 301-631-3342. Once your child is vaccinated submit documentation to your child’s school.
What if my child has already been vaccinated or had chickenpox?
Make sure your child’s school health record is up-to-date with your child’s vaccinations including history of chickenpox disease. Contact your child’s healthcare provider to get a copy of your child’s vaccination record and give it to the school nurse. If your child had chickenpox provide your child’s school nurse with the month and year your child had chickenpox. Make sure the start of your child’s school year begins smoothly.
Don’t delay, vaccinate today.


Physical Examination

Immunizations Requirements 

Medication Authorization Form
Authorization for Management of an Allergic Reaction Medication Authorization for Diabetic Mgmt. Treatment Authorization Form


Medication Policy

During the school year it may be necessary for your child to take prescription or nonprescription medications during the school day. These medications may need to be given daily or on an as needed basis. In order for this to happen you are required to follow the FCPS Medication Administration Policy.
If medication is needed at school:
1. You must have a Physician’s Medication Authorization for
Prescription and Nonprescription Medication form completed. This
form would need to be completed by both parent and physician.
2. The medication needs to be in the original container and/or properly labeled prescription bottle. The medication label must match the physician’s order form and be current. NO MEDICATION WILL BE GIVEN IN SCHOOL WITHOUT THE COMPLETED FORM AND PROPER LABELING.
3. All non-prescription medication must come to school in an unopened package.
4. An adult must transport any medications to and from school.
5. Antibiotic administration is discouraged as physicians can accommodate proper dosing times around the school day.
6. The first full day’s dosage of ANY new medication must be given at home.
7. If your child requires an Epinephrine Auto-Injector at school the Authorization for
Management of an Allergic Reaction form is required.
8. Inhalers may be carried on the student, with a completed Physicians Medication Authorization form and approval by the school nurse. Please be sure your physician checks the appropriate boxes at the bottom of the medication form permitting self-carrying.
**Please check expiration dates of all medications prior to sending to school. For further questions, you may contact the health room at (240) 236-5907.



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