Grade 1

Websites for Grade 1

A-L  M-Z Math Facts
AAA Math Magic School Bus (Scholastic) AAA Math
BBC Math Games Math Games (Free Training) Bugabaloo Addition
Book Pals Math Magician Count Hoots Addition
Build Your Wild Self! Math Playground  Fishing Addition
Caterpillar Counting    
Clifford - Read and Play Math Skill Builders  Fruit Shoot Addition
Cyberchase Math-a-Rama  Fruit Shoot Subtraction
DoSitey Math More Starfall Math Games  
Early Math National Gallery of Arts (NGAKids) Math Magician
EZ School    
Frederick County
Public Library (ebooks for kids)
PBS Penguin Party Addition 
  Poddle Weigh In  
Gamequarium Promethean Teacher  Subtraction Harvest
ICT Math Games    
IXL math websites Puzzle Maker  Sums up to 5
Japan Raz-Kids  Woodlands Number
Skills Subtraction
Kidport Reading Games  
Kids Web Japan Reading Planet  
Language Arts Skill Builders Smithsonian Wild Animal Pictures  
Learning Planet  Spelling City  
Literacy Games (Game Goo)  Spelling Connections (Zaner-Bloser)  
   Spelling - Look, Cover, Write & Check  
   Stories Online  
   Trudy's Time & Place  
   Virtual Manipulatives  
  Weatherbug Achieve  
   Windows to the Universe  
   World of Brian P. Cleary  
  Words and Pictures