High School


Advanced Mechanics
Ag Metals
Bio-Related Technology
Engines & Power 1
Engines & Power 2

Forestry/Wildlife Management
Horse Care Management
Horticulture 1
Horticulture 2
Horticulture 3
Introduction to Agricultural Science and Technology

Pre Vet Large Animal
Pre Vet Small Animal
Wood & Metal Structures

Business Education

Accounting 1 
Accounting 2
Applied Business Law
International Business/Finance
Introduction to Business
Management & Entrepreneurship
Managing Your Personal Finances
Microsoft Certification Training 1
Microsoft Certification Training 2
Microsoft Certification Training 3
Personal Keyboarding

Computer Science

AP Computer Science
Foundations of Computer Science
Principles of Programming
Programming & Computer Concepts
Website Development 1
Website Development 2

Family and Consumer Sciences

Child Development 1  
Child Development 2
Child Development 3
Clothing Construction 1
Clothing Construction 2
Commercial Foods 1-3
Cultures & Cuisines
Fashion Merchandising
Independent Living
Personal Relationships/Effective Parenting

Teaching Academy of Maryland

Human Growth and Development Through Adolescence
Teaching as a Profession
Foundations of Curriculum and Instruction
Education Academy Internship

Technology Education

Architectural Engineering & Design 1
Architectural Engineering & Design 2
Architectural Engineering & Design 3
Auto Mechanics (Offered at BHS)
Cabinetmaking 1 (Offered at GTJHS)
Cabinetmaking 2 (Offered at GTJHS)
Cabinetmaking 3 (Offered at GTJHS)
Digital Communications Technology 1-4
Foundations of Technology
Pre-Engineering 1 (Offered at OHS & THS)
Pre-Engineering 2 (Offered at OHS & THS)
Pre-Engineering 3 (Offered at OHS & THS)
Project Lead the Way (Offered at LHS & WHS)

Technical Drawing 1
Technical Drawing 2, 3, 4
Woodworking 1
Woodworking 2
Woodworking 3, 4

Transition Education

Introduction to Career Research and Development
Advanced Career Development, Preparation, and Transition