Grading Policy

    • The grading policy to be used for the Professional Health Careers program follows.  The policy is subject to change. Parents and students will be notified prior to the changes being implemented.
    • Although this policy is written and prepared by the instructor, it reflects the Frederick County Public Schools’ regulations and industry standards.
    • Grading in this program will be based upon demonstrated student mastery of specific proficiency skill objectives.
    • Student mastery level is determined through a sense of written and performance-based assessments after the necessary skills are taught.
    • Students will receive an incomplete grade, which carries the same weight as a zero, for an incomplete assignment.
    • Instruction methods include classroom theory and practical theory.
    • Students’ work maturity skills are scored using a point system. Please refer to the CTC Student Handbook,  for point indicators and values.
    • In the event of absences, students are required to request missed assignments from the instructor.
    • The principal is the final authority in all appeals and disputes concerning grades for all students at the Frederick County Career & Technology Center.
    • All grades can be viewed on  HAC (Home Access Internet Center)  Be sure to enter Career & Technology Center from school drop down menu.
Grade Calculation
Percentage Grade Description
90% – 100% Excellent Work, Professional Standards
80% - 89% B Good Work, Above Average Quality
70% - 79 C Average Work, Acceptable, Needs Improvement.
60% - 69% D Below Average-Improvement necessary to meet industry standards.  
0% - 59% F Poor Work, Unacceptable, Does not meet industry standards.