Skill Indicators

The Health Care Foundations includes:
            Medical Terminology & Abbreviations
            Medical Mathematics
            Systematic Study of the Structure & Function of the Human Body
            Common Pathophysiology of Body Systems
            Health Care Systems
            Legal & Ethical Responsibilities
            Career Development

The Health Care Skills taught include:
            Clinical Asepsis
                        Universal Precautions
                        Personal Protective Equipment
                        Autoclave Use
            Patient Positioning & Mobility
            Cryotherapy & Thermotherapy
            Vital Signs & Body Measurements
            Screenings & Nutritional Assessments
            Assisting with Physical Examinations
            Medication Administration
            Dental Assisting Skills
            Laboratory Techniques
                        Collecting and Testing Microbiology, Blood & Urine Specimens
            Processing Health Care Claims
           CPR & First Aid Certification