Academy of Health Professions


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Academy of Health Professions          
 Overview and Objectives
The Academy of Health Professions is a two year program that uses project and problem-based learning, clinical experiences, and classroom and lab instruction to teach students about the field of healthcare. In year one students are introduced to healthcare knowledge and skills through two foundation courses: Foundations of Medicine and Health Science and Structure and Functions of the Human Body.
During year two there are opportunities for students to apply what they have learned to real-life healthcare situations in a specialized healthcare course such as nursing assisting or medical assisting.  Students have the opportunity to earn state and/or nationally recognized certifications, and/or college credit through articulation or dual enrollment agreements with local colleges and universities.
Within the course sequence of the Academy of Health Professions students will:
  • Explain the systems of the human body, their structure and function, and their interdependence on each other.
  • Describe the effect of external forces upon human body systems;
  • Demonstrate the scientific process, healthcare related problem-solving skills and the application of healthcare technologies;
  • Use concepts of biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics to solve healthcare related problems;
  • Apply science concepts in the assessment and delivery of medical and healthcare services;
  • Demonstrate the scientific process and use problem-solving skills in medical and healthcare settings;
  • Evaluate the impact of enhanced technology on the healthcare delivery system;
  • Make informed decisions based on critical thinking and problem solving skills;
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills through reading, writing, listening and speaking;
  • Identify career areas of interest within healthcare and make informed decisions about career options, educational requirements and career preparation;
  • Describe systems theory and its components;
  • Perform mathematical calculations related the healthcare industry;
  • Demonstrate appropriate professional behaviors required of the healthcare professional; and
  • Present information visually, verbally and in written form to peer and professional audiences utilizing a variety of methods.
In order to prepare graduates for employment and further education, students in the AoHP program are encouraged to enroll in college preparatory core academic courses during each year of high school and to take the appropriate allied health certification and/or credentialing examinations consistent with their program of study.


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