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Culinary Arts Instructor


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Margie Liddick


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I attended the Carroll County Career & Technology Center Culinary Arts program in high school, which is very similar to our program here in Frederick County. I started my culinary career at the age of 15 as a dishwasher at Frisco Family Pub in Westminster, MD and then went on to work in the produce section of a major grocery store chain. After that I went to work at Maggie's restaurant and catering company to work as a caterer, and then eventually went to work in the restaurant as a prep cook. I moved up to a cook at the restaurant and the kitchen manager on the catering side of things. After several years working there I went onto school at L’Academie De Cuisine in Gaithersburg, MD for Baking & Pastry Arts. Upon graduation I worked in the bakery at Santoni's Market in Glyndon, MD and went on to become the assistant bakery manager. A baking position became available at Linwood's (a fine dining restaurant& catering company) in Owings Mills, MD, so I took that job to gain more experience and work on my technical skills. At the same time I also began working at cooking camps for kids at local career & tech centers. Then I took a job at a start up bakery in my Westminster and worked with them until a position became available as a substitute Culinary Arts teacher in Baltimore County at Eastern Technical School. After 4 months, the long-term position ended but it helped catapult me into the position here at The Frederick County Career & Technology Center in 2001. I continued my education and training over the next several years and obtained my Advanced Professional Certificate for teaching in 2012. 
I feel as though my varied exposure to the many facets of the food industry has helped me to gain a better scope of the entire industry and the many different jobs that are involved with this program. Being a kitchen manager has helped me to understand how an operation runs and how to lead people to an end result. Working at a high-end, large scale restaurant and catering company helped to hone my technical skills and open my eyes to the amazing talent and skill level demanded of chefs in this industry. Teaching career camp for many years made me realize that I wanted to work with young people and teach them how to be successful in this industry. I have really enjoyed working here at CTC with the many different students from all over the county, an opening their eyes to the wonderful world of Culinary Arts.