Advanced Web Design & Animation


The Career and Technology Center  teaches students to acquire broad, transferable skills for employment and personal use, as well as job-specific skills.

The staff is dedicated to the idea that each student can achieve mastery of the essential skills necessary for meaningful employment.

Adobe IconThe Advanced Web Design & Animation program at the Career & Technology Center is a 4 credit two-semester program open to 10th, 11th and 12th grade students who are interested in learning about and actually designing operating web sites. Because the Web Design industry lends itself to independent designers, students also learn about how to locate and maintain a new business, develop a fee schedule that is fair to them and their clients and how to operate at a profit.

In the first semester, students learn how to construct user friendly, functional/operational websites. Students will learn HTML code, Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Cascading Style Sheets CSS to complete class assignments, labs, and course projects.

Students in the second semester will learn JavaScript, jQuery and Adobe Flash. They may also construct web sites for businesses and/or non-profit organizations in the Frederick County area. The students will meet with representatives of the companies and then design and construct a web site that meets their needs.

 Students who successfully complete this program will be well equipped to pursue this field of study at the college level. Interface designer, graphic artist, digital media producer, and project manager are just a few of the many career choices available in this field.

 The Web Design Program goes beyond learning how to just build a website. Students learn the aesthetics of web design. Such as how to properly use graphics, color and text to create graphically pleasing functional web sites. They will also learn how to work with clients to secure the information needed to construct a web site, interact and work in group settings as well on their own.



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