Transition Skills

Course Description

Transition Skills is a one-year program that is designed to provide high school students with the opportunity to experience a variety of work related activities in a comprehensive, hands-on setting. All of the students are recommended by their IEP team and are pursuing a MD Certificate of Completion. The students will observe and participate in simulated work experiences in various programs at the Career and Technology Center. These activities are designed to enhance their employability skills, increase their career awareness, and provide a comprehensive vocational assessment. The students career interests, aptitude, and professional skills are continually assessed.

In addition to learning professional skills the students also learn associated skills such as measurement, hand tool identification, and task completion. They discuss job seeking, telephone manners, social awareness in an employment situation, promptness, and pride in completed tasks and assignments. Activities are designed to increase students self-esteem and promote independence.

Students have an opportunity to receive education and support. One technology teacher and two special education assistants are assigned to the program. This provides opportunity for the students to receive a great deal of individual instruction. The students are involved with the youth organization SKILLS USA. It is school wide and there are competition events available and several social events.

Admission Guidelines

Program Purpose:

  • To provide the student with the opportunity to develop essential work related transition skills through a "hands on" approach.
  • To provide an in-depth evaluation of the student's vocational interests, aptitudes, and professional skills.
  • To prepare students for the SUCCESS program so that they can continue to build on their work place readiness skills gained at the Career & Technology Center.

Student Eligibility Guidelines:

  • Student is non-diploma bound
  • Student must shadow/visit the Transition Skills program to complete the application process.
  • Student is at, or near, their final year in an FCPS high school or Rock Creek School setting.
  • Student must be able to use bathroom facilities independently. 
  • Student does not have behavioral or medical issues which preclude their actively participating in group activities.

Registration/Enrollment Guidelines:

  • The enrollment process should be initiated prior to the annual IEP when the schedules for the following year are being discussed
  • Prior to the Annual IEP - Student/staff shadow the Transition Skills Program
  • Prior to the Annual IEP - Student/staff complete an application form
  • Prior to the Annual IEP - The student's parents should be encouraged to visit the Transition Skills Program
  • An IEP meeting is held in the home high school with CTC staff in attendance. Purpose of the IEP is to discuss, with the student's parents and the team, the appropriateness of the student's enrollment in the Transition Skills Program
  • Additional people to consider inviting to this IEP meeting include adult service providers, OT/PT therapists, health nurse, etc.


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