Frederick County Career & Technology Center
Celeste Harper Chapter
National Technical Honor Society (NTHS)

NTHS is an internationally recognized and proven program with over 3,000 member schools and colleges

NTHS contributes to a strong, positive school image in the local community.

NTHS membership develops self-esteem and pride.

NTHS helps schools build and maintain active partnerships with local business and industry.

NTHS helps schools attract and recruit more qualified students into workforce education programs.

NTHS encourages the involvement of parents and family in the educational process.

NTHS supports the advancement of School-to-Work and TechPrep initiatives.

Application for National Technical Honor Society




CTC would like to welcome the newest members of our chapter who were inducted into the National Technical Honor Society on December 13, 2017!

Mariah Cromwell BHS P Agribusiness 
 Jonathan Henry BHS P Engineering Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
Zhanna Snyder BHS P TV/Multimedia Production
Georgiana Willems BHS P Criminal Justice
Dorian Young BHS P Criminal Justice
Melanie Andrew CHS P Criminal Justice
Emma Appel CHS P TV/Multimedia Production
Jacob Baker CHS P TV/Multimedia Production
Elizabeth Burch CHS P TV/Multimedia Production
Rachel Burns CHS P Architectural Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
Hailey Crawford CHS A Academy of Health Professions
Jillian Damskey CHS A Academy of Health Professions
Chelsey Davis CHS P Academy of Health Professions
Ashley Davis CHS P Academy of Health Professions
Austin Fogle CHS A Carpentry
Molly Harbaugh CHS A Environmental Landscape Design & Management
Kayla Littleton CHS P TV/Multimedia Production
Lynn Morlier CHS A Computer Technician/Analyst
Rachel Waldron CHS P Academy of Health Professions
Aaron Subehan FHS P TV/Multimedia Production
Destiny Dixon GTJHS A Culinary Arts/Baking & Pastry
Noelle Hedges GTJHS A TV/Multimedia Production
Emily Jacob GTJHS P TV/Multimedia Production
Cecilia Emerson LHS P Biomedical Science
Gia Haemmerle LHS P Biomedical Science
Martin Higgins LHS P TV/Multimedia Production
Kirsten Saylor LHS A Academy of Health Professions
Rebecca Temple LHS A Criminal Justice
Holden Coblentz MHS A CISCO Networking Academy
Joseph Harsch MHS A TV/Multimedia Production
Brian McGiffin MHS P Engineering Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
Julia Twietmeyer MHS A Academy of Health Professions
Matthew Brubaker OHS P Architectural Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
Sidney Causey OHS P Computer Technician/Analyst
Aubrey Dearstine OHS P Architectural Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
Salman Jamil OHS P Computer Technician/Analyst
Alexandra Kingsbury OHS A Academy of Health Professions
Zachary Leskoski OHS P Criminal Justice
Braden Lockard OHS P TV/Multimedia Production
Caroline Schrider OHS P Engineering Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
Timothy Desir THS A Computer Technician/Analyst
Rebecca Jacobs THS A Academy of Health Professions
Julia Lizik THS P Biomedical Science
Sabrina Tanseco THS A Academy of Health Professions
Ryan Vu THS P Engineering Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
Zachary Muragaki UHS P Advanced Web Design
Grace Neff UHS P Engineering Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
Robert Taylor UHS P HVACR/Plumbing
Sergei Travis UHS P Environmental Landscape Design & Management
Haleigh Tucker UHS A Academy of Health Professions
Ian Bair WHS P Computer Technician/Analyst
Amelia Harman WHS P Biomedical Science
Kaily Johnson WHS A Biomedical Science
Jackson Larimore WHS P Engineering Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
Michael Pollak WHS A Criminal Justice