CAD - Engineering

Course Description

This program teaches students to plan and execute basic engineering drafting techniques, basic technical illustrating, and 3-D drawings. Competency is developed in sketching, drawing, dimensioning, linear and geometric tolerancing, and the reproduction of assembly and production drawings.

Students operate a sophisticated Computer-Aided- Design (CAD) system. Competency is developed in file and disk management, computer utility programs, installation and configuration of computer hardware and software. Students operate word processing programs for the production for the production of professional papers and specifications, as well as graphic application programs for engineering drawings, 3-D modeling, video graphics, and computer animation.

Level II is a continuation of the concepts begun in Level I, but concentrates on advanced skill development. Students participate as part of a design and drafting team for the production of plans for manufacturing processes.

This program is designed for the student who plans to enter college, technical school, or industry in the engineering computer design/drafting technology field.

Successful completion of 533070 or 534071 will provide two credits toward the Advanced Technology Education requirements.
(Courses must be taken and passed in sequence.)

Suggested Sequence: CAD-Engineering Graphics I (3 credits)

Teacher Comments

Graduates of the Engineering CAD program at the Frederick County Career & Technology Center will be able to pursue a degree in Engineering design at an accredited university leading to a career in one of the engineering fields. Other career paths include: manufacturing design, engineering technology, and Cad designer.

Student Quotes

Virginia Tech is a great school, and they use Inventor and Mechanical Desktop, the same programs I learned in your class. I have another group project to work on. My experience in you class has certainly helped me here. I’m so far ahead of the other students in my class.

Justin M.
Virginia Institute of Technology 

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