The 32nd Student House Project!

June 2019

So Many Compliments at Open House!

More than 140 guests showed up on a rainy night to see the "nearly completed" House Project!
This house was pre-sold and the soon-to-be owners hope to be settled by mid-July!

Stay tuned about the NEXT house project!

May 2019

Heading Toward The Finish Line!

All construction trades are busy as the project (and the school year), nears completion:

* Final plumbing and electrical are completed.
* Interior trimwork is installed.
* Walls are being taped and prepped for painting.
* WHS woodworking students are completing the cabinetry and prepping for installation.
* Landscape Management students calculate amount of sod/seed needed for the job and
  secure a generous donation from Chuck Wade Sod Farm.
* Hardwood floors are being prepped for finishing.
* And SO much more!

We invite you to take a drive-by and see the newly sodded front yard!

ADDRESS: 7192 Peekskill Drive, Frederick, Maryland (please be courteous of the neighbors!)

March / April 2019

Spring Is Here!

And that means full-speed ahead on the Student House Project. A HUGE thanks go out to Mussleman's Excavating
for completing the final grading work at the site, and to Nitterhouse Masonry for instruction on installing the bilco door.

This project would not be possible without the tremendous support of our industry professionals! Thank you!

January / February 2019

Winter Wall Building

It may be cold outside, but INSIDE, the house has received a heavy blanket of insulation, and the drywall is being hung.
In addition to working with an actual future homeowner for the first time, the students have participated in the following
"Student House Firsts":

Installed all siding, fascia, and frieze
    * Learned to use tapco brake
    * Learned to use pump jacks and ladder jacks
Completed Hydostatic Test
Dug hole for basement area way access and learned to use a back hoe
November / December 2018

Late Fall Progress

Take a drive by the house and you'll see all the progress from these last few months! Brick work and siding will begin
soon on the exterior, and rough-ins for all plumbing and electric are being completed on the interior! Special thank you
to Mount Garage Doors for their generous donation of two garage doors and openers!

ADDRESS: 7192 Peekskill Drive, Frederick, Maryland (please be courteous of the neighbors!)
October 2018

Windows, Windows, Windows!

Students are busy installing the windows which were generously delivered by Superior Distribution. The morning
students cut out the rough opening sheathing, and the afternoon students flashed and installed the actual windows.
Hard work, but they did a beautiful job!

September 2018

Back to School Means Back to Work!

This summer sure was a rainy one. But that didn't stop ABC Supply from donating our shingles and PJ's Roofing from
donating the underlayment, ice shield and installation! We thank them SO much for the support! With the house
protected from the elements, the students are able to start building the interior walls. Check out the "32nd Students
In Action" link at right!

OTHER EXCITING NEWS: The lot for our 33rd House was purchased over the summer. It's located on Fulton Avenue
in sure to stay tuned for updates!

May 2018

Prepping for the Summer Months!

Students are busy sheathing the roof to prepare for summer break. Thank you to PJ's Roofing for helping and to Rentals Unlimited for donating the use of all equipment. Plumbing/HVAC students have finished installing the waste pipe throughout the house and have prepped for sinks, etc. Congratulations to our graduating seniors...we hope to see you next May when the house is complete and you can admire your handiwork!

April 2018

Putting the Puzzle Back Together!

This month, students delivered their pre-built exterior walls to the homesite and reassembled them on the foundation.
An all-day field trip enabled the addition of the garage walls. Roof trusses were delivered, and with the help of
DG Johnson Crane, students were able to assist in setting them. Very exciting "real-world" experiences that will be
invaluable to our program graduates!

March 2018

Spring is SUPER Busy for House Project Students!

Things are really taking shape during these early spring months! Students have installed a silt fence to protect the surrounding area, and temporary electricity has been hooked up. Students shot grades and laid out the foundation so that footers and concrete can be poured. Structural, LLC delivered the floor system package and students took inventory to ensure all was accounted for. Plumbing/HVAC students installed the underslab plumbing in the basement and it passed inspection with flying colors! 

FUN FACT: The entire exterior footprint of the house will be assembled in the over-sized classroom bays at CTC. The walls will then be numbered, disassembled, and transferred to the home site for final assembly.

February 2018

Ground-Breaking Takes Place!

After much excitement (and Mother Nature's cooperation), the ground-breaking for the 32nd Student House
Project took place on February 26th. Representatives from FCPS, the Career & Technology Center, the
Frederick County Board of Education, and the City of Frederick, as well as several local business contributors
were in attendance to mark the occasion. 


January 2018

They Build It In The Classroom?

Well, part of it, anyway! The entire floorplan has been laid-out in the classroom shop. Students have been
constructing the exterior walls, which will later be moved to the home site. All Student House Project students
are refining their skills and learning how important math is in the REAL world!

November / December 2017

Winter Weather Doesn't Stop The Progress!

Inclimate weather simply means classroom instruction: Construction drawings are poured-over so that
materials can be estimated and ordered; safety and certification requirements are studied; and tool usage is
honed. The site has been prepped, trees have been removed, and the students are learning about surveying
and septic fields!

September / October 2017

Pre-Construction Instruction Is Underway!

Early stages of lot preparation are taking place in the classroom. As always, the students learn from THE BEST
in the industry...and we are continually looking for expertise from local building industry professionals. If you are
interested in sharing your knowledge and/or resourses with this great group of students, please contact us at
240-236-8500.You never might just be mentoring a future employee!

 Check out the "32nd Students in Action" section at right for photos!




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