Grading Guideline

Dear Families:

The Physical Education Staff would like to welcome you to an exciting year. We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with you and your children this year. We're about “Inspiring others to pursue a healthy and physically active lifestyle.” We want all of our students to develop a lifelong love and desire for fitness, health, and physical activity.
The physical education curriculum can be accessed at Physical Education> Elementary> Essential Curriculum. It is broken into 6 areas or standards:
1. Skillfulness
4. Exercise Physiology
2. Biomechanical Principles
5. Physical Activity
3. Motor Learning Principles
6. Social Psychological Principles
Through instruction based on the essential curriculum, physical education outcomes include:
·         Demonstrate knowledge of movement concepts and principles
·         Demonstrate knowledge of how to achieve a healthy lifestyle
·         Demonstrate effort, teamwork, sportsmanship, and safe practices
·         Demonstrate proficiency in movement, skills, and physical fitness
Students’ grades will be based on the following:
* Formative and Summative Assessments
* Fitness and Fitness Improvement
* Participation and Effort
In physical education, students’ progress is measured in multiple ways. Formative and Summative Assessments can include: tests, quizzes, exit questions, performace, and skills assessments, . Grades are given once a week using a rubric scale. Improvement can also be a part of this grade. Please keep in mind students receive physical education instruction twice a week at best.
The Frederick County Fitness Test Battery is the way we measure fitness. Keep in mind these tests are not a means of assessing athletic ability, and they are not tests your child can fail. They should be viewed as an indicator of fitness levels at the time they are given and are only one form of many assessment opportunities that take place throughout the term. Fitness testing helps to accurately track the areas of your child’s strengths and the areas in which he or she could improve. Your child’s Progress Report will accompany the report card. Just go online to the Elementary Physical Education Site on and use your child’s student ID as the password.
If you wish to have your child excused from physical activity for medical reasons, please send a written note with your child to physical education class so that their participation grade will not be affected. If there are any health concerns regarding your child, please let us know in writing so we can be aware of potential problems. If he or she is to be excused for more than a one week period, a doctor’s note must be provided. When the child is excused, we will provide an alternate activity that is connected to the Physical Education Essential Curriculum.
In order to positively impact students’ health and fitness, parents must be partners. We welcome your support and feedback. Please come visit us if you have any further questions or send us an e-mail and I will get back you. We are looking forward to a great year in Physical Education!
Chad Connors
Tina Shriver