What to wear to PE class

Appropriate dress for physical education includes:

**SNEAKERS (with socks)       
**Comfortable clothing, t-shirt, shorts/pants 
**A jacket or sweatshirt (weather appropriate) for when we are going outside

No sandals or boots, flip flops or Crocks        
**No high healed shoes
**No rollerblade-sneakers, platform sneakers, or clog-type sneakers
**No dresses or skirts (unless with shorts underneath)    
No spaghetti string tank tops
Consequences (starts over each term)
1st time = warning, limited participation, class work, note home;
2nd time = flip card on behavior chart, note home, limited participation, loss of daily points;
3rd time = flip card on behavior chart, letter home, limited participation, reduction of 10% points in grade
Thank you for your cooperation! We will try and have your child participate as much as is safely possible, but will remove them from activity when their safety is at risk.  Please help us by making sure they are dressed safely for class.