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1st Grade
Welcome to Mrs. Waldych’s Webpage!
Dates to remember
Oct. 9th- Picture Day
October 14-16 Book Fair
Oct 17th- No School (teacher work day)
Please read at least 10 minutes every night
See homework calendar in homework notebook for assignments
Check your child red folder every night
Discuss the importance of being respectful and following school rules
Language Arts Objectives
Whole Group:
Students are…
·examining the title, cover, illustrations, photographs and other text features in non-fiction texts.       .

Word Study:

The First 60 Sight Words (a review from Kindergarten)...
the, go, in, I, as, a, at, see, we, an, is, he, no, so, and, it, to, can, me, do, on, all, how, like, them, be, if, she, my, big, got, day, you, have, not, who, am, has, for, I'm, one, out, him, or, get, look, her, back, had, come, by, his, make, of, did, came, was, now, run
The Next 40...
are, here, saw, that, very, will, then, were, but, from, said, this, your, what, after, before, into, our, man, went, away, could, mother, put, been, where, little, just, there, ask, going, two, with, they, because, play, over, too, us, when
Word study words for the week:  
she, my, big, got, day, you, have,

The plastic bag with yellow word cards should be coming home every night now. We will be adding 7 each week. Be sure your child reads through them, and can write them without peeking, so that they can obtain mastery of all 100 by third quarter.

**Below are a few activities your child can do at home to study their words.**
Alphabetical order
Have your child use their word cards to put their words in alphabetical order. This is a skill that is still very difficult for fourth graders but that they will need throughout their lives. After they have ordered their word cards, they will write them in their spiral.
Word Sort
Remind your child to sort the words into categories like the ones we did in school. Your child should read each word aloud during this activity. Ask your child to explain to you why the words are sorted in a particular way. What does the sort reveal about spelling in general? Have your child write the sorted words in their spiral notebook.
Word Hunt
Assist your child in doing a word hunt, looking for words in a familiar book that have the same sound, pattern or both as the words they are studying this week. The words may not necessarily be words on their list this week. Try to find two or three words for each category. Write them in their spiral, or cut them and glue them if they were found in a magazine or newspaper. They can use the same page they did Monday night. Just identify the words found in the hunt by using a *. Please let me know if you need a magazine or reading materials to use for this activity. I will be happy to send one home.
Practice test
As you call out the words in a random order, your child should write them in the appropriate categories. Discuss any misspelled words and use a strategy (such as the stair strategy) to practice. *Parents signature required on practice test.
Stair strategy
Have your child write out the word one letter at a time in a vertical fashion, adding one letter each line they go down, until the word is complete.
Writing Workshop
    Your little author is learning how to write small moment stories.  Students think of an idea of something that has happened to them or a thing they do. Then plan your writing.  Students touch and tell, then sketch across the pages.  After they planned their writing idea students get to write their stories!
Math Objectives
Students have been introduced to place value. Students will understand that a two-digit number represent amounts of tens and ones.  We will focus on numbers 11-19 with emphasis on making a ten.  Students will also understand that ten can thought as a bundle of ten ones is called a "ten."
Practice websites
We will be beginning with our Weather late in September!

Social Studies
We are beginning our year with the unit "My Family and School." Students took a tour of CMES the other day, and are learning the roles of various adults in the building. They are also discussing important U.S. symbols that are common sights (our nations flag, the Liberty Bell, the Statue of Liberty...)