School Health

School Health Staff
Through a cooperative arrangement with the Frederick County Health Department, health services are offered in all schools. Each school has a health room tech­nician who provides first aid treatment of accidents and ­illnesses, administers medications and performs selected ­treatments under the supervision of a school nurse (a licensed Registered Nurse).  In addition to supervising health room technicians at multiple schools, these nurses perform health assessments, make referrals for medical or other services, and serve as a school resource regarding health concerns. They are part of a multi-­disciplinary school team whose purpose is to ­maximize the health and learning of each student. There is no charge for school health services.

Health Screening Services 
CMES will conduct vision and hearing screening for ­students in pre-kindergarten, kindergarten (if not screened in pre-kindergarten), 1st, 4th and 8th grades. Students in other grades may be tested at the request of parents or teachers. School nurses and vision or hearing technicians follow up when problems are detected.  

Students are encouraged not to take medication ­during the school day. If it is necessary, the parent/guardian(s) must provide a written order from the student’s healthcare provider for all prescription and over-the-counter medications. Medications must be transported by an adult and ­provided to the school in the pharmacy bottle, correctly and ­completely labeled. Over-the-­counter medication must be in the original, unopened container. Medications sent in envelopes, plastic bags or daily reminder containers cannot be administered. Any treatment required by the student also requires a ­written order from a health care provider. Please contact the school as soon as you know that your ­student requires a treatment so appropriate arrangements can be made.