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Chris Carter


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        Welcome to CMES Technology 

Carroll Manor Elementary is committed to ensure that each student's learning experience is enhanced by using
technology.   As technology is very much a part of our daily lives, CMES provides our students the opportunity to
come and explore the FCPS technology network.  Ask your child about his or her visits to the computer labs. 
Whether it's practicing keyboarding, developing math skills, writing a creative story or any of the other wonderful
activities done in the lab, you will get the chance to learn how your child is developing a wonderful relationship with
technology.   Every grade level from Kindergarten through 5th grade comes to the labs as a class.

We have two full size stationary labs!  TWICE as many opportunities for CMES students to work with
technology in the school lab environment.

Lab 1   This lab is located in Room 133.  It has 32 desktop computers for students to use.  It also has a teacher
computer, a Promethean Board and projector with pens, a document camera, and a DVD player for instructional use. 
The lab also has a  laser printer. Additionally, this lab is monitored by the User Support Specialist, Mr. Morris.

Lab 2    This lab is in room 213.  It has 32 desktop computers for students to use.  It also has a teacher computer, a
Promethean Board and projector with pens and a wand, document camera and DVD for instructional use.  The lab also has a
laser printer as well as a color printer, both of which are on our network. 

***Teachers can sign their classes up for 40 minute blocks as needed.  The labs are busy and fill up fast!  Many
classes come to the computer lab on a regular basis.  The labs are also frequently used for on-line assessments.***

Promethean ActivBoards  Currently at CMES, every classroom has a Promethean Board and projector.  The boards
have speakers on the sides and come with pens and wands.  These boards are to be used every day for instruction
as well as to engage students with the interactivity.  What is a Promethean Board?  Read here for information on 
what amazing technology they are or visit your child(ren)'s classroom to see first hand how they are great classroom
tools for our teachers.  

ActivSlates  Have you heard of ActivSlates?  Click here to learn about them or ask your child(ren).  We have them
in all classrooms in the school.

ActivExpressions  We have two sets of ActivExpressions at CMES that can be checked out by teachers and used
in their classrooms.  Click here to learn about them or ask your child(ren) if they have had the opportunity to use them.
If they have, they will be excited to tell you about them. 

COWs  We have two working COWs, which stands for Computers On Wheels. 
It is a wireless cart with laptops on it.  The cart is designed to go to the students instead of the students coming to
the computers. In the classroom each student uses a laptop and can access our network to do the same activies that
they can in the computer labs.  We think that is very cool and are excited about using them.  Ask your child if he/she has
had the COW in the classroom.   

        2nd grade students using the laptops from the COW                  4th grade students using the laptops from the COW                                                      

Digital Cameras  We now have new digital cameras that have been distributed to the teams throughout the school.
The images can be loaded onto the computers and used in various applications such as MS PowerPoint, Pixie,
ActivInspire, Photo Story
and many more.

Flip Video Cameras  We have several flip video cameras that have been distributed to the teams in our school. 
The files can be uploaded onto the computers and used in various applications such as MS PowerPoint, Movie
to name just a few.

iPod Touch  Our Challenges program has a specific program that the iPod touches are used for wirelessly. 
We have additional iPod touches that are used in other locations around the school. 

                                                     Carroll Manor Elementary School Lion likes technology too!