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Welcome Back! 2012-2013 School Year

Wow, summer really flew by!  Welcome to the 2012-2013 school year!
This is my 13th year teaching 4th grade at Carroll Manor Elementary.  I love teaching math and science.  The fourth grade science units are so much fun to teach.  I especially like Motion and Design.  Where else do I get to incorporate motorcycles and racing into my teaching?!  I love reading and like to get my students excited about books.

The Holidays are Almost Here!

The holidays are almost upon us!  It's amazing to think we are almost halfway through the second quarter!
We are hard at work learning about multiplication and division.  The students have moved on to using the standard algorithm in multiplication.  Please check with your child and see if they are abandoning less efficient strategies like repeated addition and moving on to using the algorithm or even breaking apart the numbers to do mental math.

November 6, 2010

Hard to believe the first quarter is over already!

The students did a great job researching and writing about a planet during the first quarter.  They also worked together and created some excellent Photostories for the planets.  Check back soon to watch their Photostories!

The Fourth Quarter

We have just finished our science unit on motion and design.  Congratulations to Group E for being the only group to complete the mountain rescue challenge!!!
We are starting our social studies unit on U.S. regions and Maryland.
In math, we are working on finishing our unit on geometric solids and then will start another unit on multiplication and division.  Students will work on multiplying and dividing larger numbers.

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