Staff Directory

Department Name Phone Email Teacher's Blog Job Title
Administrator Jason Lininger 240-236-8100 Assistant Principal
Administrator Jennifer Clements 240-236-8100 Principal
Administrator Mary Jacques 240-236-8100 Assistant Principal
Art: Visual and Performing Evan Felmet 240.236.8143 Teacher
Art: Visual and Performing Laura Day 240-236-8133 Teacher
Art: Visual and Performing Theresa Hutchinson 240-236-8148 Teacher
Art: Visual and Performing Valerie Pickett 240-236-8129 Teacher
Career and Tech Education Amy Jo Poffenberger 240-236-8192 Teacher
Career and Tech Education Barron Burch 240-236-8117 Teacher
Career and Tech Education David Gadra 240-236-8179 Teacher
Career and Tech Education Jami Campbell 240-236-8115 Teacher
Career and Tech Education Janet Warren 240-236-8134 Teacher
Counseling Cameo Lawlor 240-236-8084
Counseling Christina Wahl 240-236-8083 Counselor
Counseling Dana Brashear 240-236-8084 Counselor
Counseling Shannon Byrnes 240-236-8085 Counselor
English Angelique Merkson 240-236-8118 Teacher
English Katherine Edwards 240-236-8110 Teacher
English Olivia Aungst 240-236-8140 Teacher
English Russ Headley 240-236-8138 Teacher
English Shawn Carr 240-236-8111 Teacher
Mathematics Derrick Kaas 240-236-8121 Teacher
Mathematics, Science Doug Young 240-236-8155 Teacher
Mathematics Jennifer Mayrovitz 240-236-8122 Teacher
Mathematics Julie Bhasin 240-236-8124 Teacher
Mathematics Mike Livergood 240-236-8159 College and Career Readiness Teacher
Mathematics Robert Phelan 240-236-8123 Teacher
Mathematics Shaun Calhoun 240-236-8120 Teacher
Mathematics Tyler Ausherman 240-236-8126 Teacher
PE Amy Murray Entwistle 240-236-8181 Teacher
PE Keith Bruck 240-236-8100 Athletic Director
PE Michael Rich 240-236-8188 Teacher
PE Mike Franklin 240-236-8182 Teacher
Science Becky Hurley 240-236-8153 Teacher
Science Brian Brotherton 240-236-8157 Teacher
Mathematics, Science Doug Young 240-236-8155 Teacher
Science Thomas Mills 240-236-8100 Teacher
Science Valerie Grim 240-236-8154 Teacher
Social Studies Luis Torrado 240-236-8169 Teacher
Social Studies Mayellen Taylor 240-236-8168 Teacher
Social Studies Neil Metzgar 240-236-8167 Teacher
Social Studies Steve Cree 240-236-8170 Teacher
Special Education Amanda Neil 240-236-8103 Teacher
Special Education Amy Bellarmino 240-236-8163 Teacher
Special Education Jeff Lawrence 240-236-8107 Teacher
Special Education Patricia Steele 240-236-8137 Teacher
Special Education Tracy Newman 240-236-8162 Teacher
Specialist Alyssa Smith 240-236-8179 Speech Therapist
Specialist Pam Adams-Campbell 240-236-8114 Literacy Specialist
Support Staff Rachel Olson 240-236-8078 Registrar
World Languages Christopher Maze 240-236-8147 Teacher
World Languages Jennifer Smith 240-236-8125 Teacher
World Languages Lynne Griffin 240-236-8123 Teacher