Livescribe Lessons


This is designed to help students gain a better understanding of the material in a setting that is comfortable for them.

It is an excellent resource to use when you are absent or miss class.  Livescribe allows you to see the work you missed without falling behind in class.  It is also a great resource to use while completing homework or studying for tests. 

I will summarize the lesson and provide examples.  While writing, the pen records my voice so you can listen as you watch the example!

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 Section 3.1 Summary - Lines & Angles
 Section 3.2 Summary - Proof & Perpendicular Lines
 Section 3.3 Summary - Parallel Lines & Transversals
 Section 3.4 Summary - Proving Lines are Parallel
 Section 3.5 Summary - Using Properties of Parallel Lines
 Section 3.6 Summary - Parallel Lines in a Coordinate Plane
 Section 3.7 Summary - Perpendicular Lines in a Coordinate Plane

 4.1 - Triangles & Angles
          Section 4.1 continued: page 2
 4.2 - Congruence & Triangles
 4.3 - Proving Triangles Congruent (SSS, SAS)
 4.4 - Proving Triangles Congruent (ASA, AAS)
 4.5 - Using Congruent Triangles
          Section 4.5 continued: page 2
 4.6 - Isosceles, Equilateral, & Right Triangles

9.2 - Pythagorean Theorem
9.3 - Converse of Pythagorean Theorem
9.4 - Special Right Triangles
9.5 - Trigonometric Ratios
         Section 9.5 continued: page 2
9.6 - Solving Right Triangles

 Special Segments
 Points of Concurrency (Circumcenter & Incenter)
 Inequalities in Triangles

Slope/Slope Intercept Form
   Proof Practice (ch3)