National Honor Society



Advisor: David Gadra



NHS recognizes juniors and seniors who show excellence in the areas of scholarshipleadershipcharacter, and service.
Students with a 3.5 or above Weighted Grade Point Average (GPA) are invited to apply in the fall of their junior year.  Students should listen for announcements regarding application procedures.  An anonymous panel of teachers will review student applications and determine acceptance.  Students will be notified of the committee's decision in November.  If a student fails to be inducted during his/her junior year, then he/she may reapply during the fall of their senior year (as long as they remain in good academic standing).  Once accepted, members do not need to reapply.
In order to be inducted in the National Honors Society, students must demonstrate evidence of leadership. A leadership role is not the same as being recognized for an accomplishment. For example, being first chair violin in the orchestra is a great accomplishment, but if there is no extra responsibilities associated with that honor, then it does not fulfill the leadership requirement. Holding an elected position in a club, serving as captain or team manager of a sport, or organizing a fundraiser are all strong examples of leadership.
Students must consistently engage in service activities for an extended period of time in order to fulfill the service requirement for admission into NHS. Once a member students must also continue engaging in service activities to remain in good standing. Service is any volunteer work a student engages in without receiving pay or academic credit. You may volunteer with the same organization each week or participate in unrelated acts of service throughout the year. Examples include fundraising for charity or donating time at a nursing home.
Maintaining Membership:
In order to remain in good standing with NHS, students must maintain at least a 3.5 weighted GPA and submit evidence of at least 6 hours of service each semester.  Students who fail to maintain these standards will be placed on probation.  Students may also be placed on probation or removed from NHS for violations of school academic or behavior policies as well as state/federal law. 
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