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WANTED: your photos!
The CHS Yearbook would like YOU to help build our school's Yearbook.  Click the link (image) below to upload and share your photos with the CHS Yearbook and community.  We are looking for candids, sports, events, prom, graduation, and ANYTHING you are willing to share!
Just log on to, register for our school and get going.


You can also use the FREE ReplayIt APP (available on the APP Store & Google play) to upload photos from your iPhone or Android. 


Attention All Students & Parents:
Are you or is your child a member of the Graduating Class of 2020?

CLICK HERE for the all the IMPORTANT information contained in the Senior Summer Yearbook Mailer.
*Links will be active again at the end of May.

Portrait Information:
Our Yearbook Photography Company for the 2020 school year is Victor O'Neill Studios. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact them.

1.800.320.2894 (OR) 703.532.0013
Important Senior Portrait Announcement:
In order for your senior portrait to appear in the CHS 2020 yearbook you must be photographed by Victor O'Neill Studios. WE DO NOT ACCEPT OUTSIDE PORTRAITS FOR THE YEARBOOK.  See the Senior Summer Mailer Packet for more information.
The Victor O’Neill summer appointment card does not list it, but there is a Yearbook Only Session that is NO CHARGE. If you only need your tux/drape photo taken for the yearbook just ask for the FREE YEARBOOK ONLY SESSION.
Senior Portrait Days are:
June 26 & 27 2019- 9AM to 2PM in the CHS Auditorium
***Make up Senior Portrait Days are:
October 17 & 18 2019 9AM to 2PM in the CHS Auditorium
Underclass Picture Day
In order to receive a CHS id card and appear in the CHS 2020 yearbook you must be photographed by Victor O'Neill Studios on one of the Underclass Picture Days.  Order forms will be distributed on the first day of school in students first block classes and/or click here to access a PDF order form (after September 4th).  If you want to purchase pictures the student must have the completed order form and payment on the day the student is photographed.
Underclass Picture Day
September 13, 2019 from 7:30AM to 2:10PM in the CHS auditorium

***Underclass Picture Make-Up Day

October 24, 2019 from 7:30Am to 2:10PM in the CHS auditorium
Attention Senior Parents:
The 2020 Yearbook staff will begin accepting Senior Baby Ads at the end of June.  Order forms will be mailed in the Senior Summer Mailing Packet.  If you did not receive an order form click on the link below (at the end of May) or additional copies will be available in the front office.  The baby ad deadline for the 2020 yearbook is October TBA, 2019.  Orders are accepted on a first come first serve basis.  Ad space sells out quickly so please send in your ad ASAP.
CLICK HERE for the 2020 Baby Ad Order Form*Links will be active again at the end of May.
Thank you for your continued support.
Attention Seniors (Class of 2020):
The 2019 CHS Yearbook featured a "baby or toddler" photograph on the page with each Senior's portrait photograph.  The student body really seemed to enjoy this addition to the Yearbook.  We are considering adding this feature (or something similar- that requires a Senior "baby" photograph) to the 2020 CHS Yearbook as well.  We are asking each Senior to hand in a picture of yourself as a baby, toddler, or young child (not older than 12 years old).  Please turn photographs in to Mrs. Hutchinson or the front office in an envelope addressed:
Student's Full Name
Yearbook Advisor: Mrs. Hutchinson
Senior Portrait (Baby)


In order for your picture to be included you must hand in your "baby or toddler" photograph by October 18, 2019.
*** Your "baby or toddler" photograph will only be included in this addition if your Senior Portrait is taken by Victor O'Neill Studios by October 18, 2019.
Would you like to purchase Catoctin High's ALL COLOR Yearbook?
Our yearbook company for the 2020 school year is Jostens.
The 2018-2019 CHS ALL COLOR Yearbook is ON
Order forms will be located in the front office.  All books ordered before April must be purchased through Jostens.  Jostens accepts checks, money orders, and credit cards.
Order your book early through Jostens to guarantee a book in the spring! As of May 3th we have 33 copies left for sale.

Order Yearbooks Online:

Call Jostens Toll Free 24 Hours a Day:

Yearbook is a class?

Are you interested in creating the yearbook?
I am ready to become a member of theYEARBOOK STAFF!
Uhhh, What do I do now?
1.  Select the "Publications 1, 2, 3, or 4 line int he Naviance registration process.
     Select two "levels" of publications if you would like to take the course the whole year.
2.  You will be contacted by Mrs. Hutchinson to complete the simple yearbook application.
3.  In the application, identify two teachers that could recommend you for this class.
4. Give those two teachers the reccommendation form to submit.

***Application for the 2019-2020 Publication/Yearbook class is past due to Mrs. Hutchinson.
Contests & Yearbook Submissions:
The 2020 CHS Yearbook will be accepting submissions for the following "contests".

Open to ALL students grades 9-12:

Summer Pictures: Will anything exciting happen this summer? The 2020 Yearbook staff is looking for school appropriate summer pictures. We want to know where you went and what you did. Your photographs will be featured on pages in the summer section of the 2020 yearbook. Deadline to submit a photograph is mid-October! Please be sure to include your name as well as some information about where you were and what you did in the email to Mrs. Hutchinson.

Call for Artwork: The yearbook staff is looking for "show quality" artwork for the visual art pages in the spring section of the 2020 yearbook. Any medium (drawing, painting, photography, computer graphics, 3-D, ceramics, etc) will be accepted. Deadline for submission is early December!  Work for the page will be selected based on technical quality, aesthetics, composition, and creative style. Work will be photographed or scanned by the yearbook staff and returned in January.

Looking for a past yearbook?

Any student that did not purchase a 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and/or 2012 yearbook but would like one- we do still have books available- the cost is $55.00 per book and they need to see Mrs. Hutchinson while supplies last!  Books from 2013-2016 did sell out.
The 2019 CHS ALL COLOR Yearbook is on track to SELL OUT, so order yours today!
Thank you,
Yearbook Staff