Yearbook & Portraits

Looking for important yearbook information?

CLICK HERE to check out the CHS Yearbook Website!

On the site you will find information about:
  1. Purchasing a yearbook
  2. Underclass and Staff Portraits
  3. Senior Portraits and Senior Section Information
  4. Senior Baby Ads
  5. Photo contests (coming soon!)

Yearbook is a class?

Are you interested in creating the yearbook?
I am ready to become a member of theYEARBOOK STAFF!
Uhhh, What do I do now?
1.  Select the "Publications 1, 2, 3, or 4 line in the Naviance registration process.
     Select two "levels" of publications if you would like to take the course the whole year.
2.  You will be contacted by Mrs. Hutchinson to complete the simple yearbook application.
3.  In the application, identify two teachers that could recommend you for this class.
4. Turn your completed application into Mrs. Hutchinson.

***Application for the 2021-2022 Publication/Yearbook class is TBA to Mrs. Hutchinson.