Welcome to Catoctin High School

Congratulations to our very own Coach Mike Franklin:

The FCPS Teacher of the Year!

Catoctin High School is a 2018 National School of Character!


Catoctin Seniors Place Third in Start-Up Frederick Competition

Congratulations to Seniors Christian Michael, Mady Crampton, Brandy Gregory, and Hunter Grimes for placing third at the Start-Up Frederick competition on May 1, 2019! 

They pitched their company Candle Worx in a Shark Tank-style competition to four judges and won six hundred dollars in prize money. 

Congratulations Madeline Crampton!

Mady Crampton is Catoctin High School's nominee for the Human Rights Award! Mady was recognized at a banquet held at Dutch's Daughter on April 25, 2019. 


Congratulations to Senior Wyatt Payne who won The National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Award and the Excellence in Conservation Award at this year's FCPS Science and Engineering Fair!




Catoctin High School's 50th Anniversary Year

We are looking for families where multiple generations have graduated from Catoctin High School. If you are or are the parent/guardian of a student enrolled at CHS who is a member of a CHS multigeneration family, please visit the website below to find out how to contribute to our celebration this year!

Please visit our 50th Anniversary Website for more information on how you can contribute to Catoctin's year-long celebration!

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