Sarah Dudek

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Art Teacher


Sarah Dudek



Mrs. Dudek-Art Teacher

  I am very proud to be an Art Teacher at CES and watch our stars shine bright everyday in Art class. I have been at CES ever since we opened our doors in 2005. I have enjoyed watching every generation of our Urbana Community walk threw our doors and move onto Middle School. I have been teaching Elementary Art in FCPS for 14 years. I am the proud Mother of Twin boys Gavin & Grant who just turned one years old on August 9th. I am the proud wife of a retired Navy Chief, Dave. Who served our United States Navy for 23 years. I have two awesome dogs a lazy beagle named "Boulder" and a miniature Shih-Tzu, with one blue eye named "G.G.".  My favorite medium in Art is clay and I have worked with clay on the pottery wheel as well as hand building human sculptures. I look forward to running another year of Fall Art Club with 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. Please take the time to stop bye the art room any time and say "Hi".  Or email me with any questions or concerns about your son or daughters Art Education. Have a great school year!