Reporting Illness or Injury to the Health Room

If your child has a communicable disease, please contact the Health Room staff at 240-566-9217 as soon as possible to report your child’s illness and treatment. Monitoring potential communicable disease outbreaks in the school setting is a very important to help prevent further outbreaks. Some of the more common communicable diseases to report are:
* pink eye
* strep throat
* influenza
* lice
* pneumonia
* chicken pox
Please report any significant injuries, concussions, or surgeries your child may have had to the Health Room so we are aware of your child’s health status should your child present to the Health Room. If your child’s injury/surgery results in an activity restriction, please provide this in writing to the Health Room. A parent note is sufficient for a restriction less than 2 weeks. If your child’s restriction will be longer than 2 weeks, a licensed health care provider must provide documentation of the restriction. The Activity Restriction Form can be printed here or provided by the Health Room to outline specific activities your child may/may not participate in.

If you have any questions, please contact the Health Room staff at 240-566-9217.

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