Please watch the FCPS Volunteer Training Video 


Click on the link below for the volunteer sign up form. You must watch the video before filling out the form.

CES Volunteer Sign Up Form


Policies and Regulations Related to Volunteers in Our Schools

Family/Community Partnership Policy - Policy 413 http://apps.fcps.org/legal/doc.php?number=413
Student Records - Regulation 400-20 https://apps.fcps.org/legal/doc.php?number=400-20
Volunteers in Schools - Regulation 400-86 https://apps.fcps.org/legal/doc.php?number=400-86
School Security and Facility Access - Regulation 200-29 https://apps.fcps.org/legal/doc.php?number=200-29
Promoting a Drug-Free, Alcohol-Free and Tobacco-Free Environment - Policy 112 https://apps.fcps.org/legal/doc.php?number=112
Sexual Harassment - Policy 318 https://apps.fcps.org/legal/doc.php?number=318
Field Trips and Overnight Travel Study Programs - Regulation 400-05 https://apps.fcps.org/legal/doc.php?number=400-05
Reporting Abuse and Neglect - Regulation 400-47 https://apps.fcps.org/legal/doc.php?number=400-47
Weapon Possession on School Property - Regulation 300-39 https://apps.fcps.org/legal/doc.php?number=300-39
Bloodborne Pathogen Control Plan - Regulation 200-23 https://apps.fcps.org/legal/doc.php?number=200-23
Criminal Background Investigations - Regulation 300-33 https://apps.fcps.org/legal/doc.php?number=300-33