Ivette Vichot-Taboas

Job Title: 

Teacher, ELL


Ivette Vichot-Taboas



Hi, my name is Ivette Taboas and I teach English language learners.  My students speak more than one language and I help them to master the Academic English language while encouraging them to preserve their native language, so that they can flourish into bilingual/bi-literate adults.  I was also an ELL student and I understand the benefits of being fluent in two languages.  I love children’s literature and enjoy writing children’s books.  My dream is to, one day, become a published author. 

 I was born and raised in Miami, Florida where I taught for many years.  I have been married for over 30 years and have 3 adult children who I consider my “masterpieces”, each one unique and wonderful in their own special way.   I moved to Frederick seven years ago and discovered my passion for teaching ELL students.  I am blessed to live, work and play in the Villages of Urbana/Urbana Highlands community.  I am also proud to be a National Board certified teacher, a journey and reflection process in my teaching career that has renewed my passion for teaching.  I have served on the Continuous School Improvement Team for the past three years to help assure that our Centerville Star Students and our school continues to shine brightly in our community, county and state.  I am extremely proud to be a Centerville Star and I look forward to seeing how brightly we can all shine together. 

“Follow your own path and believe in yourself so the world can see you are a shining star” Ivette Taboas