Spanish Program

Students in Spanish CostumesAt CCMPCS, we implement a Montessori-based curriculum to give students the hands-on tools they need to be active learners both in and outside the classroom.  By also offering Spanish instruction to all students, CCMPCS provides a unique opportunity for students to learn a second language at an early age and to develop multicultural awareness. 

At CCMPCS, all students pre-K-8th grade receive Spanish instruction.  Beginning in Pre-K, students are introduced to Spanish language and to cultures of Spanish-speaking countries. Spanish instruction continues through middle school with students receiving credit for Spanish I & II coursework.  CCMPCS invites native Spanish-speaking families, native English-speaking families, and Spanish/English bilingual families, as well as families whose native language is a language other than English or Spanish to apply because we believe that our school provides the opportunity for all students to develop skills in Spanish and English beginning at a young age when children are most receptive to language development.  CCMPCS is the only public school providing this opportunity to Frederick County students. 

Staffing is an integral part of achieving our instructional goals.  As of the 2017-2018 schoolyear, 100% of CCMPCS classroom teachers are either MACTE-certified Montessori guides or are enrolled in a MACTE-certification program. We also continually strive to increase the percentage of the CCMPCS staff who are bilingual. We do currently have a number of bilingual staff members, including native speakers. The top priorities for placement of fluent Spanish-speaking staff are our primary classrooms to create a strong foundation for our youngest students and our Spanish classroom to provide strong Spanish instruction for all CCMPCS students.  Every primary classroom has at least one fluent Spanish speaking staff member and the Spanish classroom is staffed by a fulltime Spanish teacher and fulltime Spanish assistant who are both fluent in Spanish.

Dual-Language Immersion is not currently offered at CCMPCS. The original plan for CCMPCS as dictated in the original Charter application indicated a model with two options regarding Spanish instruction.  In this model, students would either be enrolled in a Dual-Language Immersion classroom in which core subject instruction would take place in both Spanish and English or an Enrichment classroom in which instruction would be in English and students would spend time each week learning Spanish and about Hispanic cultures. However, because of staffing and enrollment limitations, CCMPCS has not been able to bring this vision to implementation.  These reasons include the inability to hire sufficient numbers of staff that had all of the required qualifications of being bilingual, MSDE certified and highly-qualified, and Montessori certified and recruiting sufficient numbers of native Spanish-speaking students through the limitations of the lottery system.

The Spanish Program at CCMPCS continues to grow and develop as we strive to provide our students the richest experience possible.  It continues to be a long term goal to offer Spanish Immersion experiences to students in the future.

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