Carroll Creek Montessori Public Charter School (CCMPCS) is run by a Governing Council (GC) consisting of parents, the principal, staff representatives, and members of the Frederick community. This Governing Council not only serves as our School Improvement Team (SIT), required by the Frederick County Public School (FCPS) charter school policy, but it also serves as the policy making body for CCMPCS.  This independence is a result of our status as a charter school and allows us to develop policies necessary to realize the goals of our school’s charter and meet the needs of our families.  This is a truly unique opportunity within the public school system.

Governing Council (GC)
The Parent Representative positions on the Governing Council (GC) are filled by parents of current CCMPCS students.  Each parent member of the GC is responsible for chairing one of the committees, which include Building and Maintenance (IT Subcommittee), Community Outreach & Programs, Education and Curriculum (Spanish Language Task Force  and Library Subcommittees), Finance, Fundraising & Grants, and Staffing & Admissions.  The remaining parent member is the Chair of the GC and may serve up to two consecutive one-year terms as chair.  Elections for these positions are held every fall at the MMCI Annual Meeting as current members’ two-year terms expire in rotation. CCM staff elects their own representatives. GC meetings are the second Monday of each month and are open to all parents and staff; minutes from monthly meetings are available here.

Monocacy Montessori Communities, Inc. (MMCI)
All members of the CCMPCS community—parents, staff and founders whose children are not yet school age—are automatically members of Monocacy Montessori Communities, Inc. (MMCI).  This nonprofit membership corporation is the legal entity, which originated the application and holds the charter (or contract) with the Frederick County Board of Education.  It is responsible for our compliance with the charter agreement and for negotiating any necessary changes or amendments to the charter.  It also runs and funds all support programs that serve our school community, such as before and after care and the lease for our current building.  In addition to CCMPCS, MMCI holds the charter agreement for our sister school, Monocacy Valley Montessori Public Charter School (MVMPCS).  All members of MMCI are eligible to run for positions as officers of MMCI as the incumbents’ terms expire in rotation.  MMCI meetings are the final Wednesday of each month.

Much of the work of the GC and MMCI is carried out by parents and teachers working on a large number of committees and subcommittee, including library, playground, education & curriculum, staffing, building & maintenance, facility, communications & outreach, admissions, finance and fundraising and more. Parents, faculty and staff are urged to join a committee and help in the development and continuing operation of the school. Parental involvement is critical to the success of the school.

Governing Council Meeting Agendas
Agendas for the Governing Council will be posted prior to the meetings.

August 2018
July 2018
June 2018
May 2018
April 2018
September 2017

Governing Council Members and the committees they lead [See an organization chart.]

Member Name Position Term
Molly Carlson Parent Representative
Governing Council Chair
Term Ends 12/31/2018
Liz Seal CCMPCS Vice President for MMCI BOT
(Non-Voting Member of the GC)
Term Ends 6/30/2018
Deb Herbaugh Parent Representative
Admissions and Staffing Committee
Term Ends 12/31/2018
Eric Riccio Parent Representative
Building and Maintenance Committee
Term Ends 12/31/2019
Amanda Erard Parent Representative
Education & Curriculum Committee
Term Ends 12/31/2018
Kate Chasse Parent Representative
Finance Committee
Term Ends 12/31/2019
Carrie Rathmell Parent Representative
Community Outreach & Programs
Term Ends 12/31/2019

Marilyn Horan


Mary Lou Reynolds

Staff Representative  
Michael Beth Edwards Staff Representative
Education and Curriculum Committee
Ashley Andrews Staff Representative  
Daisy Lopez-Duke Friend of Education Term Ends 12/31/2018
[Open Position] Friend of Education Term Ends 12/31/2019


Monocacy Montessori Communities, Inc. (MMCI). Board of Trustess (BOT) [See an organizational chart.]


Member Name Position Term
Amy Duvall President Term Ends 6/30/2019
Kathleen Lutrell Vice President for MVMPCS Term Ends 6/30/2020

Liz Seal

Vice President for CCMPCS Term Ends 6/30/2020

Kevin Wilfong

Treasurer Term Ends 6/30/2020

Melissa Najera

Assistant Treasurer Term Ends 6/30/2019
Molly Spence Secretary Term Ends 6/30/2019

Jonathan Phillips

Parent Trustee, MVMPCS Term Ends 12/31/2018
Deb Korth Parent Trustee, MVMPCS Term Ends 12/31/2019
Jeff Koehler Parent Trustee, MVMPCS Term Ends 12/31/2019
Analiese Kennedy Parent Trustee, CCMPCS Term Ends 12/31/2018
Lisa McCrohan Parent Trustee, CCMPCS Term Ends 12/31/2019
Matt Mills Parent Trustee, CCMPCS Term Ends 12/31/2019
Susanne Abromaitis Friend of Education Term Ends 12/31/2018
Libby Miller Friend of Education Term Ends 12/31/2019
Ellie Landru Governing Council Chair, MVM
(Non-Voting Member of MMCI)
Term Ends 12/31/2018
Molly Carlson Governing Council Chair, CCM
(Non-Voting Member of MMCI)
Term Ends 12/31/2018