Governing Council

The Parent Representative positions on the Governing Council (GC) are filled by parents of current CCMPCS students.  Each parent member of the GC is responsible for chairing one of the committees, which include Building and Maintenance (IT Subcommittee), Community Outreach & Programs, Education and Curriculum (Spanish Language Task Force  and Library Subcommittees), Finance, Fundraising & Grants, and Staffing & Admissions.  The remaining parent member is the Chair of the GC and may serve up to two consecutive one-year terms as chair.  Elections for these positions are held every fall at the MMCI Annual Meeting as current members’ two-year terms expire in rotation. CCM staff elects their own representatives. GC meetings are the second Monday of each month and are open to all parents and staff; minutes from monthly meetings are available here.

Governing Council Chart


Governing Council Members


Member Name Position Term
Molly Carlson Parent Representative
Governing Council Chair
Term Ends 12/31/2018
Liz Seal CCMPCS Vice President for MMCI BOT
(Non-Voting Member of the GC)
Term Ends 6/30/2018
Deb Herbaugh Parent Representative
Admissions and Staffing Committee
Term Ends 12/31/2018
Eric Riccio Parent Representative
Building and Maintenance Committee
Term Ends 12/31/2019
Amanda Erard Parent Representative
Education & Curriculum Committee
Term Ends 12/31/2018
Kate Chasse Parent Representative
Finance Committee
Term Ends 12/31/2019
Carrie Rathmell Parent Representative
Community Outreach & Programs
Term Ends 12/31/2019

Marilyn Horan


Mary Lou Reynolds

Staff Representative  
Michael Beth Edwards Staff Representative
Education and Curriculum Committee
Ashley Andrews Staff Representative  
Daisy Lopez-Duke Friend of Education Term Ends 12/31/2018
[Open Position] Friend of Education Term Ends 12/31/2019