We always welcome and appreciate donations to the school library.  

In order to ensure that your donations are useful to the students, please follow the guidelines below when you are considering donating hardback and paperback books to the school library:

  • We accept books that are in good condition.  Books should be clean, with no torn pages or covers.  Reasonable wear and tear from previous use is acceptable.
  • We are looking for books for children ages 3-13.  Please do not send in adult books.
  • Please check that your books are current.  Unless your book is a classic, carefully reconsider any books that have a copyright of more than ten years.  This is especially relevant to non-fiction books, which may now contain inaccurate information.
  • We do NOT need or use the following materials: board books, adult books, workbooks, coloring books, magazines, periodicals or encyclopedias.  If you have these materials and feel that they may be useful to the school, please contact your child's teacher to see if they would find them helpful.

Bringing Donations to the School Library
Please bring your donations in to Cathy Rossomondo, who will direct you where to put the books.

If you would like, we will provide you with a letter of receipt from MMCI for tax purposes.  CCMPCS or MMCI is not able to determine the value of your donation. It will be up to you to assign a value for tax purposes.  The receipt will only state the number of paperback and/or hardback books that you donated.