Breakfast & Lunch

Breakfast and Lunch Menus & Prices
Please visit the FCPS Food and Nutrition website and select Menus > Charter School > Carroll Creek Montessori to access menus for our school.  This page also includes meal prices for the current school year.

MySchoolBucks (School Meals Payment Accounts)
All FCPS students wishing to purchase meals at school have the option of using MySchoolBucks accounts for making purchases.  MySchoolBucks can be accessed through FCPS Food and Nutrition website. Students may also purchase their meals with cash.  

Free and Reduced Meals (FARMS)
For more information and forms for FARMs go to the FCPS Food and Nutrition website and click on the “Department of Education Meals Application” button on the left-hand side of the page.


Breakfast at CCMPCS
Students wishing to eat breakfast at CCMPCS should arrive at 8:45 am so that they have time to eat before the start of the school day at 9:00. 

Lunch orders at CCMPCS
CCMPCS students buying lunch must place their lunch order each morning. Please be sure to check the lunch menu when your child is planning to buy lunch. Your child has the choice between the hot lunch or the salad option from the menu. They MUST let their teacher know that they are ordering lunch and which option they want when orders are taken each morning. Lunch orders are turned in at 9:30 am. 

If your child arrives late to school, they must stop at the secretary’s desk to order a lunch before going to class. If your child has a morning appointment, please inform the Cathy Rossomondo, the school secretary, in person or at or 301-663-7970 if a lunch should be ordered for your child.