About Carroll Creek Montessori Public Charter School

Student Working with ClockCarroll Creek Montessori Public Charter School (CCMPCS) is a public charter school that is operated by a non-profit organization, Monocacy Montessori Communities, Inc. (MMCI) within the Frederick County Public School system. CCMPCS offers a Montessori-based learning environment based on the Montessori Method as well as Spanish enrichment for all students. As a public charter school, CCMPCS is free and open to all residents of Frederick County.

Grades Served
CCMPCS opened in the fall of 2012 serving students ages three-year-olds through 3rd grade. We added one grade a year until we reached eighth grade in the 2017-2018 school year.  We will reach maximum capacity under our charter with 318 students, ages three through eighth grade, in the 2018-2019 school year. 

Teaching Models
CCM has a long term vision to be a fully accredited Montessori school teaching bilingually in Spanish and English with a content specific cycling model, a model through which we will be able to teach all content in both languages. Though this is an ambitious goal and will take some time to achieve, we are moving toward this goal in multiple ways. Over ninety percent of our lead teachers are either MACTE certified Montessori guides or are in the process of earning their certification. We also strive to recruit excellent bilingual staff. We do have a number of bilingual staff members, including native speakers.

Many of our English speaking staff also possess various levels of Spanish proficiency. CCM uses a FLES (Foreign Language in the Elementary Schools) model of Spanish instruction with a full time Spanish curricular lead who not only teaches Spanish but supports Spanish throughout the classroom environments. Every primary environment has at least one fluent Spanish speaker, introducing our youngest learners to fluent Spanish and English during the time when their minds are most sensitive to acquiring language. The FLES model of Spanish instruction allows us to offer all of our students robust Spanish now, both through direct instruction and language rich environments, as well as serve as a building block to increase Spanish over time as we are able to continue to recruit higher percentages of Spanish speaking students and staff. To achieve a 50% student body and staff in a county with 18% Spanish speakers takes time.

Charter and Performance Targets
CCMPCS Charter Agreement
Performance Targets for 2016



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