Brian Hickman

Physical Education

Brian HickmanHi my name is Brian Hickman and I teach physical education here at Carroll Creek Montessori School. I grew up locally in Frederick while attending St. John's Catholic Prep High School. I am a recent graduate of Salisbury University where I earned my bachelor of science degree in Physical Education. I have always been an active person having a true love for sports and exercise. I decided in college that I wanted to take my love for physical activity and use it to teach children.

Over the last four years at Salisbury University I have had the opportunity to observe and teach in elementary, middle, and high school settings with a wide variety of students. My goal as a physical educator is to promote a healthy lifestyle and to create opportunities for my students to advance their physical abilities. I hope to create a safe and positive environment for my students to take part in daily physical activities. My goal through creating a physically active classroom is to inspire students to remain healthy and active for the rest of their lives. I am committed to providing a well-rounded education for my students through academic and physical opportunities. I have always had a passion for guiding children and adults to a healthy and active lifestyle.

I look forward to teaching here at CCMS and getting to know the school community.