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Carroll Creek Montessori Public Charter School (CCMPCS) is a public charter school that is operated by a non-profit organization, Monocacy Montessori Communities, Inc. (MMCI) within the Frederick County Public School system. CCMPCS offers a Montessori-based learning environment based on the Montessori Method as well as Spanish instruction for all students. As a public charter school, CCMPCS is free and open to all residents of Frederick County. CCMPCS especially encourages native Spanish speaking families to apply.

Tours may be scheduled by calling the office at 301-663-7970.

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Our Vision
The vision of CCMPCS is to instill a lifelong love of learning in our students by providing an optimum Montessori-based learning environment in which they will grow to become independent, confident, creative, and caring members of our community and the larger world.

Our Mission
CCMPCS's mission is to build a community in which students, parents, and staff work together to educate the "whole child," the sum of the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual parts. CCMPCS will implement a Montessori-based curriculum to give students the hands-on tools they need to be active learners both in and outside the classroom. By offering a content-based enrichment and conversational Spanish and English instructional program, students will develop strong language skills in both Spanish and English. CCMPCS will provide a unique opportunity for second language acquisition beginning at a young age, a critical component for development of language proficiency.